The All Pro Polo League (APPL) continues to grow, attracting new up and coming players and supporters, drawn to the league after witnessing its exhibition matches around the world. This Thursday, February 23, the second edition of APPL Palm Beach will take place at International Polo Club. Several young stars of the US season are due to play, eager to form part of Javier Tanoira’s mission to encourage fast, open polo.

Santi Torres, one of the most outstanding young players of the US seasons, is set to play the APPL tomorrow. “I played a few APPL practices last year, as well as the exhibition in Wellington,” states Santi. “I look forward to playing fast, open, inclusive polo on Thursday, where all four members of the team have equal participation.”

Tanoira’a aim is to encourage dynamic, open polo and motivate a professional attitude towards the sport. This is what attracted Torres, and many other young players, to the League. “The best thing about the APPL is that it makes the game more dynamic and open; there are less fouls and that gives the game fluidity,” says Torres.

Alongside Torres, players such Matt Coppola, Juan Martin Obregon, Mariano Gracida and Joaquin Panelo will play Thursday’s APPL exhibition. “It makes it more fun knowing that I will play with friends who are my age. We are all trying to improve and learn as much as possible, and be better players,” affirms Torres.

The APPL operates under a new set of rules, put in place to simplify the game, not only for spectators, but for players and umpires as well. These rules help the league foster principals of respect and camaraderie, while allowing the game to grow in speed and skill.

Is there a rule in particular that caught your attention?
Yes, the rule about what happens when you foul: the player who caused the infraction has to position himself 15 yards behind the person fouled, and the other six players have to be 15 years behind the infractor. The referee shouts “play” and the player who was fouled gets a straight run at goal. If you caused the foul, then you have to stop him, but you have more ground to cover and it’s hard to make it. It really makes you think twice before fouling or making a play.

The APPL will host a round robin on Thursday, February 23, from 12pm, at International Polo Club, in Palm Beach. The fixtures are as follows:

– Eagles vs Kings
– Eagles vs Pampas
– Kings vs Pampas

Hilario Figueras
Joaquin Panelo
Juan Martin Obregon
Marcos Alberdi

Mariano Gracida
Jason Wates
Juan Monteverde
Brad Mallet

Matt Coppola
Robert Jornayvaz
Santi Torres
Tomas Alberdi

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