One of the most outstanding tournaments that came to an end on Sunday around the world was the Warwickshire Cup, which took place at Cirencester, in England. This final was also accompanied by a Ladies International Test Match.

The final of the this important tournament tournament for teams up to 22 goals was played by Bardon and El Remanso. On the side of Bardon, one of the highlights was the presence of 10-goaler Juan Martín Nero, who made his debut in UK in this season. On the other hand, El Remanso showcased 4 different players from the ones who played the semifinal (the ones who played the final were the players of Sommelier).

Bardon claimed title after scoring a 10-8 win.

Once the final was finished it was time for the International Ladies Test Match between England and USA. The locals scored a 11-4.5 win.

Ladies England: Carina Clarkin 10, Tamara Fox 7, Heloise Wilson-Smith 5, Izzy McGregor 4. Total: 26.
Ladies USA: KC Krueger 7, Maureen Brennan 6, Erica Gandomcar 6, Courtney Asdourian 6. Total: 25.

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