It was on a beautiful Sunday that the second tournament of the 8-10 Goal season was held, with the two final matches of the Sun Trophy 2017. The main final was played between VT Wealth Management and the locals F Polo Team. After a relentless battle, VT Wealth Management won the Sun Trophy 2017 tournament with a score of 8-7.

The 3rd place was won by Saint-Tropez Polo Team who beat Sea Breeze with a score of 9-7.5. The spectators were at the rendezvous, whether it be in the stands or on the terrace. They got to the club to admire the dexterity of the players during the two matches. The tournament ended with an awards ceremony, and a nice Sunday Polo event in the company of the spectators and the team members.

MVP: Sacha Fedier.
BPP: Panchita.

Next step at Polo Club de Saint Tropez will be the Silver Whips Cup.

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