Ben S left SB last fall with the PCO trophy in his hand and then broke his leg in Argentina and returned to Polo in the UK last month. Now he is in the Finals of the second biggest in the UK the Queens Cup aganist a couple of Americans Michael Bickford Patron of La Indiana along with Nic Roldan who is Americas best at 8 goals and were here last year losing the finals. It has been a great run for Ben a new Lovely Wife and a a winning streak all the way it did not hurt that he employed AC who is the best player for the last two nearly decades in the World. Either way there will be a yank in the Winners circle this year . Fred The Bolt Mannix is also in the Finals of the Subsidiary against the Pieres Brothers all this happens Sunday and can be seen on Polo Tv about the time you get up . so tune in .
Out West it was San Diego having an amazing day last Sunday as usual opening day brought the big crowd and a good Polo game you can read about it on Facebook . Will Rogers also had a great day and will also continue this weekend.
Santa Barbara has the La Martina Inter circuit starting Friday with 5 teams on board so should be fun and Weather awesome at 75 degrees.
so head to POLO
see ya

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