Collaborator and interviews: Jero Llorente

On Sunday, the Copa Otoño 2017, the closing tournament of the season, came to an end at the Barralina Polo Club, in Majorca, Spain. The competition featured 7 teams up to 8 goals. The tournament kicked off on Friday, October 13th, and had the team Berlinosos as the great champions after 10 days of really good performances.

The matchday detail was as follows:
FINAL: Las Hermanitas 3-5 Los Berlinosos
Berlinosos: Clarissa Marggraf -1, Nico Wollenberg 1, Manuel Elizalde 5, Max Bosch 3.
Las Hermanitas: Naomi Schroeder 0, Tahnee Schroeder 0, Heinrich Dumrath 3, Santos Anca 5.

THIRD PLACE MATCH: Kaifu Lodge 6-5.5 Vernisseta
Kaifu Lodge: Christian Grimme 0, Matthias Grau 0, Cristobal Durrieu 4, Miguel Amieva 4.
Vernisseta: Reinhold Hofmann 0, Rico Richert 1, Segundo Copello 2, Franky Rattagan 3.

ROUND ROBIN: Sparq 7, Barralina 6, The Glorious Four 5
Sparq: Kutlay Yaprak -1, Marc Aberle 0, Jack Kidd 3, Thomas Winter 4. Total: 6.
Barralina: Daniel Crasemann 1, Cari Oettingen 1, Christopher Lars Winter 2, Caspar Crasemann 3.
The Glorious Four: Barbara Huber 0, Joachim Feller 1, Patricio Gaynor 4, Eva Bruehl 2.

Whole coverage and pictures of the final matchday, soon in Pololine.

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