The third stage of the Camino Real Circuit 2017, competition which is being played at clubs around the province of Cordoba, is set to start this weekend at Malagueño Polo Club. The club is located on the grounds of Estancia Malagueño, just minutes from the city of Cordoba, near the Córdoba-Carlos Paz motorway.

This historic estancia has belonged to the Ferreyra family since 1774. The first owner was Jerónimo de Arguello. Many anecdotes have developed over the past 240 years at the estancia, with stories of hidden treasure and patriots who fought in the Argentine Independence war, such as José de Arguello, member of the first battalion that crossed the Andes to fight the Spanish in Chile. It is said that he gave San Martin much valuable information, which then helped the latter in his conquest. The Estancia was also confiscated by Quebracho López, and the owners were exiled during the time of General Juan Manuel de Rosas.

The Estancia’s relationship to polo is intimately linked with the family history. In 1920, Horacio Ferreyra begun the polo tradition; he was an adventurous, sporting man, who enjoyed polo, aviation, and racing. He built the Estancia’s number one ground in 1922 and he registered the club with the Argentine Association of Polo (AAP). Two grounds were added later. At the time, Malagueño was an important part of Argentine Polo, with players such as Charly Menditeguy, Bonadeo, and Andrade playing there.

Undoubtably the most memorable aspect from the time is the growth of Juan Rodríguez, who went on to win the Argentine Open in 1938, before representing Argentina in the Americas Cup in Mexico in 1944.

The club now lies among the beautiful houses and native forests that make up Estancia Malagueño. Authentic Argentine polo can be experienced there. There are currently three full sizes fields at the club, and a fourth practice ground, as well as all the necessary installations for players and horses. There are a total of fifty players at the club between active members and those who attend the polo school.

Four oficial tournaments are held every year, with 12-16 high and low goal teams per tournament. Polo is played all year round, with the strongest seasons being from November to December, and February to June.

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