Rio Cuarto, the foursome from the province of Córdoba, claimed the Campeonato Argentino del Interior con Handicap (CAIH), for the Copa Sesquicentenario de la Revolución de Mayo, after defeating Los Sauces (San Luis, who received 3 goals on handicap) by a 14-11 score, after the great championship match of the tournament that celebrated its 30th. anniversary this year, and that took place in Río Cuarto, Province of Córdoba. It means that the trophy stayed at home!

This is the fifth time that Río Cuarto won this competition – the last have been exactly ten years ago, in 2007. Before that, they won in 1990, 1995 and 2001. The winning team featured the seasoned player, Matias Magrini, who had an outstanding performance and was named MVP, who played with his son, the young and talented Santino, recent winner of the La Cañada Open.

And there was no rematch for Los Sauces: in 2016, they lost the final against Chapaleufu.
Score Rio Cuarto: (0-3) 1-5, 5-6, 7-7, 8-9, 12-10, 14-11

Meanwhile, the results of the two other finals have been the following:


CCM Palo Santo (Mendoza) 12 vs. C9 (Corrientes, received 1 goal) 10
Score CCM Palo Santo: (0-1) 1-1, 2-4, 5-5, 7-8, 11-9, 12-10


El Desafío Mountain Resort (Neuquén) 10 vs. La Ilusión de Roldán JC (Santa Fe) 8
Score El Desafío Mountain Resort: (0-0) 1-1, 4-2, 6-5, 8-6, 10-8, 10-8


MVP: Matias Magrini (Río Cuarto)
BPP, presented by the Argentine Polo Association and the ArgentinePolo pony Breeders Assn.: Chapa Heidi (ridden by Santino Magrini, owned by Don Ercole SA and bred by Anay Sur SA)
Top scorer of the final: Santino Magrini (Río Cuarto, 5 goals)
Top scorer of the tournament: Iván Maldonado (Los Sauces, 26 goals)
Pick of the tournament: Iván Maldonado (Los Sauces)
Fair Play: Iván Lariguet (Chapaleufu)
Best mounted player: Agustín von Wernich (C9, received by Guillermo Usandizaga)

Photo by Blas Lagger (AAP)

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