Careyes Host the Giuliana Cup for Ladies

Each January Careyes Polo Club, located in the private-gated resort on the Pacific Ocean south of Puerto Vallarta, hosts a ladies polo tournament . Players were invited from all over Mexico, Canada and USA to visit the club and enjoy the beach, warm weather and relax, and,of course, play polo. Two teams played 8 chukkers of polo over the 2 day tournament ending in a tie.

The Stick & Ball Co. team of Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn, founder and creator of the boutique clothes line, Anabel Colterjohn, student at St Andrews University in Scotland, Giorgio Brignone, owner and founder of the Careyes Club and Manuel Rios, local player and trainer, were pitted against Agua Alta team of Alberico Ardissone, well-known name in the Mexican polo world, Maxime Moellhausen, originally from Austria, Angela Colterjohn, event rider and player from Toronto, and Hans Giebeler, long time resident of Careyes.

MVP for the tournament – Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn

Play was back and forth with Welborn scoring 3 goals the first day leading her team to a 5-3 advantage after the first 4 chukkers. Goals for the Agua Alta team were Moellhausen, Colterjohn and Giebeler all with one. The second day Agua Alta was out to win and scored 2 goals in the first chukker to tie the game – after that – the score was even after every chukker with a shootout to determine the winner.

Family event at the same time as the Ladies – Toronto players and guests –
l to r
Anabel Colterjohn, Will Klinteberg, Angela Colterjohn, Susan Stovall,
Melanie Daign and Richard Colterjohn

All players participated in the shootout with having to go first the 40 yard and then to the 30 yard to determine a winner with Agua Alta coming up on top. Elizabeth Welborn was named MVP for the tournament. For the evening activities players were shown on the 30 foot by 40 foot screen in the Plaza de los Caballeros of their play for the weekend.

The Careyes Polo Club season is from November 15 to the end of April with tournaments planned throughtout the year. Players and families can enjoy the polo with a resident professional for lessons or just enjoy a beach ride on the pristine Teopa beach just minutes from the fields.

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