Careyes Polo Celebrates the Holidays

Holiday time is always fun for the families and Friends to get together. Polo tournaments make it more special. Starting December 27th through December 31, players from USA, Portugal, Australia, England, South Africa, Argentina, Italy, Singapore and Mexico came to Careyes Polo Club for the Annual Copa de Careyes and to enjoy the magic of the private-gated resort, Careyes, located on the Pacific Ocean.

Winners of the 2016 Copa de Careyes
Team Agua Alta – Milo Ardissone, Manuel Matos, Alberico Ardissone and
Carlitos Hernandez, who was MVP for the tournament.

Four teams at 6 goals played each other with the 2 best teams vying for the Copa. Team Magness, Sarah Magness, Joe Henderson, Nico Millan and Olivier Duguet won all their games on their way to the finals. Agua Alta with Alberico and Milo Ardissone, 16 years old, Manuel Matos and Carlitos Hernandez were beaten once by the Magness team but needed to beat Careyes/Ruby´s Café – Nick Mathers, Giorgio Brignone, Lorenzo Creixell, and Rob Payne to insure their spot in the finals. The Agua Alta did just that by beating Careyes/Ruby’s Café 10 1/2 to 6. The Steta Polo team of Guillermo Steta, president of the Mexican Federation de Polo and had shipped in 21 horses for the event, Maxi Fernandez, Nick Clark and Jaime Rincon was the 4th team.

Action in the Copa with Milo Ardissone going for the next play

Finals day pitted Steta Polo Team against Careyes/Ruby´s Café. Giancarlo Brignone, son of Giorgio, who is the founder of the polo club, played for his father in the Subsidiary. The Steta Polo Team came alive and scored 5 goals in the first 2 chukkers against the Careyes/Ruby´s Café team had nil. Play was back and forth but Careyes/Ruby´s Café could not seem to score and Steta team couldn’t seem to miss. Nick Clark had 2 for the winning team and Fernandez led the game with 6. Final score 8 to 3 ½.

All the players in the Copa de Carries 2016:
RobertPayne III,Lorenzo Ceixell, Giorio Brignone, Nick Mathers, Maxi
Fernández, Nick Clark, Jaime Rincón-Gallardo, Guillermo (Billy)Steta,
Miloardissone, Manuel Matos, Alberico Ardissone, Carlitos
Hernández,Olivier Duguet, Sarah Magness, Nico Milan and Joe Henderson.

Alta Agua, the whole team under 30of age, were ready to go against the Magness team. All players brought their games faces and best horses for the event. First 3 goals were scored by Agua Alta by Hernandez and Matos with only one by Millan for Team Magness. Second and third chukker were all Agua Alta with 4 more goals and only 3 again by Nico Millan. Fourth and fifth chukkers were even in goal scoring but the young foursome of Agua Alta had already established the victory with the final score 10 1/2 to 6. High scorer and MVP for the day was Carlitos Hernandez with 6 goals. Millan led Team Magness with 5. Traditional tequila was served after the game to all players as well as sterling silver sombreros to the winners.

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