Four times Cedric Schweri already tried to win the Gold Cup and the Hublot watch that goes with it. His father even said it might be easier to just buy one rather then try to win it playing the tournament. But Cedric knew the fifth time would be the right one. With his Team BANQUE ERIC STURDZA he finally won the trophy and therefore the most important summer tournament of Switzerland: The Hublot Polo Gold Cup of Gstaad.

Like most finals, today’s game was very tense. Pressure, stress, fear of loosing and like Marcos Riglos, MVP, pointed out : « The field was not easy to play on after five games. It was difficult to make the ball roll and to control it. It was not an easy polo to play, but we succeeded anyways. I am proud to have been nominated MVP but this victory truly was a team effort. I am here for the third time and it is an incredible place. The organization is perfect and the atmosphere great.”

In front of 4000 people, a rare number for European polo, the game took some time to get under its way. Multiple faults and time-outs and only 4 goals after two chukkers (2-2). With three goals, one of which by captain Cedric Schweri, BANQUE ERIC STURDZA managed to create a small gap during the third chukker but not for long as RIVA nearly closed it in the forth chukker being only one goal behind their rivals (6-5). The game was not yet settled, but in the last minutes Marcos Riglos and Nico Lopez Fuentes sealed the deal: 8-5.

Cedric Schweri could finally hold the coveted trophy, the big face of a Hublot watch: «  I am really happy because this is the result of a lot of work and a big organization. I want to thank Eric Sturdza who believed in us. It was hard. » The Swiss captain suffered from an injury during the game as a ball hit his elbow. « I applied some ice spray and could play again but it was really hurting. It was difficult to hold my mallet properly! » But the joy of victory rapidly made him forget the pain. « One thing is for sure, I will come back next year to defend my title! »

Team GSTAAD PALACE claims the third place defeating Team HUBLOT in the first game of the day. During the first three chukkers the teams were tied, but in the last chukker and within a few minutes GSTAAD PALACE scored three goals in a row, a gap HUBLOT could not fill, leaving the final score at 10-7.

Once again the tournament was a huge success and the weather had an important part in it. The sun was out every day driving a big number of people to this 22nd edition. A truly traditional tournament, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup is also one of the most beautiful ones of the European season.


BANQUE ERIC STURZA: 1-2,  2-2, 5-3, and  8-6

BANQUE ERIC STURZA: Cédric Schweri (SUI, Cap h0, 1 goal), Joao Novaes (BRA, h5, 3 goals), Marcos Riglos (ARG, h5, 3 goals), Nico Lopez Fuentes (ARG, h4, 3 goals)

RIVA: Mohamed el Sewedy (EGY, Cap h1), Patricio Rattagan (ARG, h3, 1 goal), Marcelo Pascual (ARG, h6, 3 goals), Silvestre Fanelli (ARG, h4, 4 goals)

Most valuable player: Marcos Riglos (BANQUE ERIC STURZA)

Best playing pony: Sanducero, played by Nico Lopez Fuentes and owned by Gery de Cloedt

Best scorers of the tournament: Eduardo Menendez (HUBLOT) and Marcos Riglos (BANQUE ERIC STURZA), 13 goals each.

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