On Sunday 3 matches took place for the fourth matchday of the 123 Open de Paris, which led to an open final for the last qualifying stage to be held next Saturday. There are 3 teams now with fair chances of reaching Sunday’s final.

La Concepcion and Sainte Mesme where in charge of opening the matchday, at the latter’s field. The game was expected to be close, even and with some favoritism for the locals. But the truth is that the visitors showed some of their best polo in the whole season and scored a convincing 11-5 win, which gives them the opportunity to fight for a place in the final as it happened in 2016.

In the afternoon the following matches took place at Bagetelle:
Coupe Jimmy Dodero: Santa Clara 3-6 Red Falcon
Coupe Pierre Yves de Charbonniere: Costa Rica 9-8 Kazak-Outsiders
Score Costa Rica: 2-1, 3-2, 5-4, 6-6, 8-8, 9-8. Goal in OT by Iván Maldonado.

The next matchday of the Open de Paris will be held next Saturday with the following order of play:
11am: Sainte Mesme vs Kazak-Outsiders
2pm: Red Falcon vs Costa Rica
3:30pm: La Concepcion vs Santa Clara

Kazak-Outsiders: 6 pts. (+6).
La Concepcion: 6 pts. (+6).
Sainte Mesme: 6 pts. (+3).
Costa Rica: 4 pts.
Red Falcon: 2 pts.
Santa Clara: 0 pts.

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