Copa Novillitos



Boys and girls aged between 7-years-old and 14-years-old had their special day of polo at the VIII Copa Novillitos, the opening tournament of the 2017 HSBC Season presented by Río Uruguay Seguros, that took place today at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door.


The traditional children’s tournament, now in its eighth year and already established as one of the most important junior competitions within the Argentine season, was a huge success, that showcased 14 teams. All the kids enjoyed a warm and sunny spring day, while playing polo and having a great time with family and friends.


The results have been as follows:


12-14 years-old:


La Campana 3 vs Los Indios 0

Las Betulas 3 vs El Cabure 4

La Campana 4 vs El Cabure2

Las Betulas 4 vs Los Indios 3


Final La Campana 2 vs. El Cabure 1

MVP: Antonio Heguy

Fair play: Felipe Virasoro



Under 11-years-old:


Martindale 6 vs Magual 2

Las Monjitas 1 vs Las Betulas 2

Magual 3 vs La Aguada 2

Las Monjitas 7 vs Capilla 4

Martindale 4 vs La Aguada 1

Las Betulas 1 vs Capilla 2


Final: Martindale 5 vs Las Monjitas  2

MVP: Franz Spurge

Fair Play: Juan Banchero


Under 7-years-old:


Los Indios 5 vs La Aguada 0

El Milagro 3 vs Las Pradera 0

Indios 0 vs praderas 1

La Aguada 0 vs El Milagro 4

La Aguada 0 vs Praderas 6

Indios 2 vs El Milagro 0


Winners: Indios (on goal difference)

MVP: Nico Tomasevich

Fair Play: Clara Soto


Following the awards presentation, everybody were invited to enjoy a fabulous Argentine asado and the usual warmth and hospitality of the Novillo Astrada family.




  • 12-14 years-old

La Campana:  Antonio Heguy, Joaquin Bosch, Francisco Cavanagh, Santiago Mignaquy

Las Betulas: Antonio Cruz Heguy, Blas Ballester, Carlos Guillani, Don Uranga

Los Indios: Silvestre Heguy, Matias Pistone, Juan Mihanovich, Azucena Uranga

El Caburé: Matias Uranga, Tomás Delfino, Estanislao Vidal, Felipe Virasoro


  • Under 11 years old

League 1

Martindale: Franz Spurgen, Justo Calafell, Francisco Moretti, Victoria Mihanovich

Magual: Juan Guerrero, Marcos Solari, Beltrán di Paola, Lucio Novillo Astrada

La Aguada: Marcos Rivarola, Gines Bargallo, Benjamin Soto, Santos Novillo Astrada


League 2

Las Monjitas: Nicolás De Rosa, Paco de Narvaez (n), Miguel Novillo Astrada Jr., Dimas Uranga

Las Betulas: Felipe Bargallo, Justo Llorente, Leo Martin, Facundo Bosch

Capilla del Señor: Juan Banchero, Simón Novillo Astrada, Felix Vigano, Lucio Uranga


  • Under 7-years-old (Minis)

Los Indios: Ricardo Mihanovich, Pedro Heguy, Catalina Tomasevich, Jerónimo Penna

La Aguada: Miguel Mihanovich, Nicolás Freire, Clara Soto, Jerónimo Llavallol

El Milagro: Antonio Aguerre, Nicolás Tomasevich, Floro Lanusse, Iñigo Heguy


Las Praderas: Cruz Marchini, Felix Toccalino, Milo Uranga, Milo Bosch


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