The qualification stage of the final round of the República Argentina Cup took came to an end on Tuesday. The tournament will continue on Thursday with the semifinals of the main Cup but also with the ones of the Subsidiaries. Scores were as follows:

Trenque Lauquen 27 – Las Rosas 9
La Quebrada 32 – Pompeya 11
El Chañar 18 – Coronel Suárez 11
Venado Tuerto 27 – Hípico Gualeguaychú 9
La Aguada 14 – Mar del Plata 12
La Natividad 17 – El Desafío 15

La Irenita San Francisco 15 – Indios Chapaleufú II 14
Tapia Polo 11 – Los Tigres 10

The order of play for the semifinals, to be played next Thursday, will be the following:

1pm, Semifinal Copa Diario La Nación: El Chañar vs. Indios Chapaleufú II.
1pm, Semifinal Copa Canadá: Coronel Suárez vs. Tapia.
3pm, Semifinal Copa Diario La Nación: La Quebrada vs. El Desafío.
3pm, Semifinal Copa Canadá: Las Rosas vs. La Aguada.

1pm, Semifinal Copa República Argentina: Venado Tuerto vs. L.I. San Francisco.
3pm, Semifinal Copa República Argentina: Trenque Lauquen vs. La Natividad.

Finals are scheduled to be played on Saturday at Palermo.

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