The traditional Coronation Cup was established in 1911 to celebrate the coronation of King George V. The trophy was presented by the Ranelagh Club, to mark the big event. This year, the edition number 106 of the Coronation Cup, supported once again by Royal Salute, will be played next Saturday at 3pm, at Guards Polo Club.

England and the Commonwealth team will play the rematch, as in 2016 the latter took the win in a thrilling match. England’s opponents will be an almost unchanged, 26-goal, Commonwealth team, winners of this prestigious trophy in 2016. In that memorable match, the Commonwealth team beat the home side 12-11.

In an exciting change of format, the HPA has confirmed that for the first time female teams has been invited to play on the day: Swarovski England Ladies against the USA Ladies. David Woodd, Chief Executive of the HPA said: “Women’s polo is growing fast worldwide and the introduction of Ladies handicaps has been a great boost for female polo. It is excellent that the strength and depth of Ladies polo is being recognised by inviting two female teams to compete for the Diamond Jubilee trophy, which will be played after the Coronation Cup.”

James Beim (English Captain): “I think Fred is a great player and has played a lot of good 4-man polo. We have stabled together this year and practiced most days. We had a good practice mid week and we are confident having had good high goal seasons. We need to play well on the day and hopefully reverse the result from last year. There is no secrets in this kind of polo: you have to play open and disciplined. We are in good shape regarding horses, they are in good conditions having just finished the Gold Cup. And we will have a couple of extras each from friends”.

Fred Mannix (Commonwealth Captain): “It’s amazing to play the Coronation Cup. I feel very lucky that the English accepted the challenge for the rematch. I know it’s very rare to be able to play it one time. So, I’m more excited. I think all the team is excited. I think that our chances this year, if you look at it realistically, I know that Chris Mackenzie it’s a great player. We’re playing with one less goal, Dirk Gould is still a really good player. On the other side of the coin, they brought in Luke Tomlinson, who has a lot experience playing big matches, he’s played a couple of Argentine Opens, he is a former 8-goal player, former captain of the English team, top player. They’re going to be more solid. It will be different this year as I have my own horses which should be a bonus. It’s a new game. We have to treat it very seriously with a lot of confidence, but at the same time we can’t underestimate the English. We know they are going to be really tough”.

Hissam Ali Hyder ‘Namoo’ (Commonwealth): “Feels amazing; normally you get only one chance to play in the Coronation. The team is looking good. We played a practice and things went well. It’s amazing playing with JP (Clarkin) and Freddie as they keep things super simple. The English team as individuals have all had a super UK season and our team as well. Freddie is well organised as he played the UK high goal season compared to last year when he just came to play the Coronation cup. Will we a big match. In terms of horses, Spencer McCarthy lent me 3 good horses, Fede Bodou lent me some more. I think I’m going to be better mounted than last year”.

11am, Game 1: The Junior HPA Buckmaster Final.
3pm, The Coronation Cup: England v The Commonwealth.
5:15pm, Diamond Jubilee Trophy: Swarovski England Ladies vs USA Ladies

The Teams:
Flannels England: James Beim (Capt) 6, Max Charlton 7, James Harper 6, Luke Tomlinson 6. Total: 25.
GT Bank Commonwealth: Hissam Ali Hyder ‘Namoo’ 6, Dirk Gould 5, John Paul Clarkin 7, Fred Mannix (Capt) 8. Total: 26.

Swarovski England Ladies: Izzy McGregor 4, Sarah Hughes 4, Hazel Jackson 8, Nina Clarkin 10 (Capt). Total: 26. Reserves: Tamara Fox, Sarah Wiseman & Nell Jacob.
USA Ladies: KC Krueger 7, Kristy Outhier 8 (Capt), Julia Smith 5, Maureen Brennan 6. Total: 26.

The Royal Salute Coronation Cup will be streamed LIVE at 3pm (UK time) on Pololine.TV, produced by Polocam.

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