Crestview Genetics Wins Copa de Plata Final at New Bridge

Crestview Genetics
Aiden Meeker -1
Alan Meeker 0
Hugo Lloret 5
Pedro Manion 3
Cecelia Cochran 1

SIG/Foxdale Equine
Mandeep Singh -1
Hugh Lloret 0
Alan Martinez 5
Willie Hartnett 4

The first chukker started out with a penalty two converted by Aiden Meeker followed by quick goal by Pedro Manion for Crestview Genetics to help them make up for their one goal deficit due to handicap. Hugo Lloret managed two goals in the second chukker, keeping SIG/Foxdale completely scoreless until the third chukker. Alan Martinez scored two goals for SIG/Foxdale in the third, while Lloret managed another, ending the half 5-2 in favor of Crestview Genetics.

MVP Aiden Meeker. Photo - Katie Roth
MVP Aiden Meeker. Photo – Katie Roth

Lloret was back at it in the fourth chukker, adding one for Crestview while Willie Hartnett scored for SIG/Foxdale. The all-important fifth chukker saw two goals by team heavyweight Alan Martinez, this time keeping Crestview Genetics scoreless. With just one goal separating the teams from the podium, Lloret scored the final goal of the game, 7-5.

Most Valuable Player was awarded to Aiden Meeker and Alan Martinez’s “Breezy” was named Best Playing Pony.

Best Playing Pony "Breezy" for Alan Martinez. Photo - Katie Roth
Best Playing Pony “Breezy” for Alan Martinez. Photo – Katie Roth

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