On Saturday at the polo grounds of the AAP in Pilar came to an end the VI Breeders Tournament. As usual, the main aspect about the event were the horses and the best ones throughout the 3 matchdays were awarded after the match (Vasca Harrods 14-11 Abrojito Rayita).

The awardees were the following:
Best Polo Argentino of the Final: Dolfina Movida Tropical (Durazno & Dolfina Bailantera). Owner: Federico Virasoro. Breeder: La Dolfina SA.
Second Best Polo Argentino of the Final: Don Ercole Chamullera (Durazno & Mentirosa). Owner and Breeder: Don Ercole SA. Played by David Stirling.
Award to the most nominated Polo Argentino throughout the tournament: Anay Sur Luchy (Archi & Chapa Luteina). Breeder: Anay Sur SA.
Award to the second most nominated Polo Argentino throughout the tournament: Gete Venuciana (Los Machitos Libano & Gete Venus). Breeder: Cría Tanoira.

Awards after the All Pro Polo League exhibition:
Best Polo Argentino: Gete Roberta (Lucky Roberto & Gete Arandela). Breeder: Cría Tanoira SA. Owner: Federico Virasoro.
Second best Polo Argentino: Dolfina Velita (Dolfina Padre Nuestro & Nona). Breeder & Owner: La Dolfina SA.

The teams of the final:
Vasca Harrods: Agustin Merlos, Pelon Stirling, Marcos Heguy, Santiago Solari.
Abrojito Rayita: Juama Echeverz, Pite Merlos, Paco de Narvaez, Freddy Mannix.

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