Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series

Bin Drai wins the last qualifying match but Habtoor Polo will play the final of the Polo Masters Cup against Mahra


With today´s Bin Drai victory against Bangash by 6 goals to 4, the qualifying round of the Polo Masters Cup came to an end.


Despite of this victory, Bin Drai couldn´t make it to the final of the tournament and Habtoor Polo, with better goal difference, will play the Polo Masters Cup final against Mahra next tuesday at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort.


Bin Drai needed to win by 6 or more goals difference to qualify to the final but Bangash didn´t make thinks easy for the foursome made up by Rashid Al Falahi, Stuart Wrigley, Francisco Elizalde and Raúl Laplacette.


The winning team push hard to achieve the objective but finally the victory was by a two goal gap (6-4)

Raúl Laplacette (Bin Drai) was the top scorer of the match with 5 goals



Match progression:

Bin Drai: 1-1/ 3-1/ 5-2/ 6-4


Next tuesday, Habtoor Polo and Mahra Polo will be playing the final of the Polo Masters Cup from 4 pm. Starting at 2.30 pm, Bin Drai and Wolves will be playing the 3rd place match.





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