Emlor C dominated the final tournament of the 2017 season at Guards Polo Club. They won the first edition of the Tempus Autumn Nations Tournament on the Queen’s Ground, defeating Andrey Borodin’s Park Place 7-4. Both teams came into this final with a strong pedigree – Emlor C having already won last month’s Duke of Wellington, while Park Place had added their name to the Bentley Motors Royal Windsor and Land Rover Duke of Cornwall trophies in 2017.

Despite the final score, this was a fast-paced game, with some thrilling runs from both sides. However, some great play from Jack Richardson, plus plenty of excellent defensive work from Henry Fisher, ensured that Emlor C were 6-2 up at the end of the third. Park Place struggled to find their form in this game, but the spectators kept faith, knowing that this team has the skill, the ponies and the ability to come back with a late surge. This they tried to do in the final chukka and, although they dominated this period, it was too little too late.

It was good to see the Emlor C patron, Emma McCarthy join her team-mates for the presentations.  She had been injured in another polo fixture earlier in the week – requiring hospital treatment – and so her place was taken by the young Englishman Will Harper. The excellent prizes, including £500 Ettinger vouchers to the winners, were presented by Tempus Media International owner Shaun Prince and one of his directors Martin Westney. This included the Tempus Most Valuable Player prize which was awarded to Henry Fisher. His team-mate, Jack Richardson received the Tempus Best Playing Pony rug for Lucky.

Tempus Media International became title sponsors of the Club’s ultimate 12-goal tournament this year, in which 11 teams took part. In addition to this sponsorship, the luxury lifestyle magazine, which reflects the very best in travel, sport, food and fashion, has become a coveted Partner at Guards Polo Club. This ensures that the sport of polo here at Smith’s Lawn will be highlighted through all of Tempus’s publications on line, in print and through its social media channels.

The 2017 season ended with a competitive Tempus Autumn Nations sub final on the Queen’s Ground – which still looked in good condition despite a busy season and more than 10mm of rain the previous night. This was a victory for Simon Arber’s Four Quarters Orange, who defeated Mark Wadhwa’s Oakley Court Polo Team 7-6. The scores levelled several times during this match and the crowd appreciated the chance to watch one last, fast-paced match in 2017.

Tempus also had a team taking part, playing in the first match of the day. In a close game on The Duke’s Ground they were beaten 8-7 by Thilo Sautter’s Leander team.

Emlor C: Will Harper (0); Jose Araya (2); Jack Richardson (6); Henry Fisher (4). Park Place: Andrey Borodin (0); Sebastian Dawnay (3); Juan Britos (6); Nico Roberts (3).

Four Quarters Orange: Simon Arber (0); Jack Berner (3); Jonny Good (4); Tom Morley (5). Oakley Court Polo Team: Mark Wadhwa (0); Sebastian Hancock (2); Alejandro Muzzio (7); Hernan Muzzio (3).

Leander: Thilo Sautter (1); Pedro de la Mare (2); Hissam Ali Hyder (6); Sebastian Pailloncy (3). Tempus: Stefan Sund (0); Mark Hayden Kellard (1); Matt Perry (5); Nacho Gonzalez (6).

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