End of Season Handicaps

HPA announces changes

The end of season handicap changes for remaining players following the Victor Ludorum and 22 goal announcement in August have now been published, after the end of season handicap meeting on Friday 15 September. The changes are subject to ratification by the Stewards in October and will come into effect on 1 January 2018.

A number of well-known polo names can be found on the list, from legendary polo coach Eduardo ‘Ruso’ Heguy to former-England Captain Andrew Hine and England player Alastair Paterson, who have all seen a handicap drop. Unsurprisingly, the lion’s share of the changes are to those young players who have enjoyed an extremely strong season playing the Pony Club Championships and HPA Select tournaments. The next generation of great British polo names can be seen slowly rising through the ranks to perhaps one day take to the field in the England colours like their parents.
What is evident in this list are those international players affected by the visa crisis who are now listed as NR, or Not Registered, due to their inability to receive a visa to play at the beginning of the 2017 season.
To read the full list of changes please click here or click here to see the Victor Ludorum and 22 goal handicap changes.
Photograph: Eduardo ‘Ruso’ Heguy will now play off 7 goals. By ©www.imagesofpolo.com

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