FIP World Polo Championship Playoff – Day 3

Argentina wins a place in Sydney and waits along with Chile and the locals

Saturday 28th at Punta del Este Polo Club.

Game 1 – Brazil had to win and wait to see if they still had chances. Having that in mind they went out to play against Peru, Peru knowing there were no chances, showed his best version. The young team started the game and tricked Brazil, in a period of uncertainty where peruvians almost matched the game. Guilherme Lins and Ubajara Andrade from Brazil leaded the game where they could control it and finally Brazil closed the encounter 11 to 6 1/2 and said farewell to Sydney with a victory and in second place. Peru will gets back home with good feelings and a great future for its young players.

Brazil: Eduardo Junqueira 2 (1), Ubajara Andrade 4 (1), Guilherme Lins 5 (6), José Meirelles 3 (3). Total: 14 goals.
Peru (2 1/2): Conrado Puigerfagut 3 (2), Lorenzo Masias 3 (1), Ignacio Masias 3, Rodrigo Vielgeux 2 (1). Total: 12 goals.
Game 2 – Great atmosphere at the Punta del Este Polo Club for this last game. The winner would have a place in Sydney October 2017 and a chance to become the new champion depending on the scoring goals. Argentina tried to play open, hitting the ball  directly and Uruguay with the need to win also went out to run and play. Hector Guerrero, striker and MVP, together with Valentin Novillo managed to win the midfield over Viana and Besozzi. The difference widened and Uruguay saw how their chances vanished away without giving up and offering their fans a very good match. Argentina qualifies for the final round and waits along with Chile and the locals with a clear victory of 12 to 5.

Argentina: Lucio Fernandez Ocampo 2, Hector Guerrero 5 (6), Valentín Novillo Astrada 5 (2), Tomás Panelo 2 (4). Total: 14 goals.
Uruguay: Mauricio Sanchez 4, Ignacio Viana 2 (3), Guillermo Besozzi 4, Matias Carrique 4 (2). Total: 14 goals.


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