The playoffs for the XI FIP World Polo Championship, that will take place next October in Sydney, finally kicked off at Punta del Este Polo Club, on the Uruguayan beach city. The Zone B playoffs featured two games in the opening day, the activity in Punta del Este will run till next Saturday 28.

Argentina began the match hooked and scored 5 to 0 in the first two chukkers while Brazil couldn´t find the ball and was unable to secure the hits. With the running of the game the Brazilians began to control the Argentines and the game was matched. They were tied in goals during a stretch of the match but over the final Argentina took a lead of 2 goals that Brazil could not pair. The final score was 6 to 4 in favour of the argentines.

Argentina: Juan Nagore 2, Héctor Guerrero 5, Valentín Novillo Astrada 5, Tomás Panelo 2.
Brasil: Eduardo Junqueira 2, José Meirelles 3, Ubajara Andrade 4, Guilherme Lins 5.

In the second turn, the locals had their fans on their side but the Peruvian showed their strengh on the field and the match was even from the beginning. Peru had received 2 goals and a half because of handicap differences which made it hard for the Uruguayans to take the lead.
Just over the second half of the fifth chukker the Uruguayans were able to make the difference that allows them to win the first match 11 to 8 1/2.

Uruguay: Mauricio Sanchez 2, Ignacio Viana 2, Guillermo Besozzi 4, Matias Carrique 4.
Perú: Conrado Puigrefagut 3, Lorenzo Masías 3, Ignacio Masias 3, Rodrigo Vielgeux 2.

The activity will resume as follows:

– Thursday 26
Game 3: Argentina vs Peru
Game 4: Uruguay vs Brazil

– Saturday 28
Game 5: Brazil vs Peru
Game 6: Uruguay vs Argentina

Wednesday 25 – Anti-doping control will take place during the morning. Two players from each team participating in the tournament will have to take the test at the organizing club’s facilities

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