England will be participating in the FIP World Polo Championship in Sydney, Australia, after they went through the FIP Zone C Qualifiers, which took place at Polo Club de Chantilly in May. The report from that day can be seen here.

England will play in Pool B alongside New Zealand, India and defending champions Chile.

Age: 20.
Place of birth: Essex, England.
When started playing: When I was 9 years old.
Where started playing: Woolmers Park Polo Club.
Handicap record: 3. Inside: 5.
Major tournaments played in: Royal Windsor, Harrison, Gold Cup for the British Open, Copa de Oro Sotogrande, French Open, Archie David, Holden White, World Nations in China, Gold Cup Arena.
Countries played in: South Africa, Spain, France, China, Dubai, Argentina, Ireland and just about to be Australia too.
Represented country: England in China, South Africa and Argentina.
Ambitions: Reach 10 goals in arena. Push for 10 outside and have a suitable income to let me carry on this great sport.
Other interests/information: Love of cars, my little Jack Russell (bear), rugby, making young horses and my family are key.

Age: 18.
Place of birth: United Kingdom.
When started playing:  2009.
Where started playing: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Handicap record: 2.
Major tournaments played in: Prince of Wales (UK), East Coast Open (USA), Montauk Cup (USA), Aspley Cup (UK), Indian Empire Shield (UK).
Countries played in: United Kingdom, United States, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Spain, France, Mexico, South Africa.
Represented country: England.
Ambitions: My ambitions are all polo oriented. I aspire to become the best polo player I can and reach a high handicap. I would like to continue building my experience by learning from, listening to and playing with great players. Working with horses and starting a breed program. To play in the Argentine Open.
Other interests/information: I enjoy playing many other sports including tennis and golf. Fitness and training at the gym. Travelling, computer science and coding.

Age: 21.
Place of birth: Hertfordshire, England.
When started playing: 10 years old.
Where started playing: Silver Leys Polo Club.
Handicap record: 2.
Major tournaments played in: UK Gold Cup, Silver Cup Sotogrande, Gold Cup Sotogrande, Open du Soleil Saint Tropez.
Countries played in: UK, Argentina, China, Spain, France.
Represented country: England.
Ambitions: To keep improving and get to the highest handicap I can do.
Other interests/information: I like spending time with my friends.

Age: 43.
Place of birth: Nantwich, England.
When started playing: 10 years old.
Where started playing: Rutland Polo Club.
Handicap record: 5.
Major tournaments played in: Gold Cup UK, Queen’s cup, Royal Windsor, Arena international.
Countries played in: NZ, Pakistan, India, America, Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Australia.
Represented country: Arena and abroad.
Ambitions: Win the FIP World Cup.
Other interests/information: Golf, squash, skiing, family.

Age: 40.
Place of birth: Leighton, UK.
When started playing: At 8 years old.
Where started playing: Cheshire Polo Club then Cirencester Polo Club.
Handicap record: 7.
Major tournaments played in: The Camara, Gold Cup UK, Queen’s Cup, Warwickshire, Prince of Wales, Metro, Presidente, NZ Open and all UK 18 and 15-goal tournaments.
Countries played in: Uk, Argentina, Spain, France, New Zealand, Barbados, Azerbaijan, India, China.
Represented country: Yes, various times.
Ambitions: See my children play better than me and hopefully on some home breed horses.
Other interests/information: Married, 3 sons, one daughter.

Age: 45.
Nationality: British.
Place of birth: Argentina.
When started playing: 5 years old.
Where started playing: Argentina.
Handicap record: 4.
Major tournaments played in: Royal Windsor, Archie David, Holden White, Eduardo Moore, Arena Gold Cup, International Hickstead for England.
Countries played in: UK, Argentina, Dubai, Thailand, France, Russia, Ghana, Spain.
Represented country: England.
Ambitions: Development of new players into the sport.
Other interests/information: Golf. Married with 3 kids. Previously Polo Manager at Ham Polo Club. Now Director at AC Polo.

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