FIP XI World Championships

The teams have been announced

The teams for the FIP XI World Championships in Sydney, Australia this October have been announced. Players from eight countries across the world will be gathering to compete for the coveted trophy, having reached the upper echelons of the tournament in the qualifying stages across FIP’s five zones earlier this year. Chile will be defending its title against the plethora of strong teams with a smattering of famous polo names, from Novillo Astrada to Singh to Gairdner. The matches will be live streamed by Polo Line throughout the tournament, whilst an array of other equestrian events will be taking place throughout Sydney in honour of the world-class tournament. From jousting to rodeo there will be something for everyone. Polo Times will be in attendance in Sydney, keeping our avid readers up to date with all the FIP and polo action, so be sure to subscribe by clicking here, to stay in the loop.

On a side note, polo ponies have also been making lengthy journeys across the Australasian continent to take part in the tournament. Approximately 250 ponies have travelled the length and breadth of the country to show their speed and agility on the world stage, an amazing feat for the Australian polo fraternity.
The competing national squads will be made up as follows:
Zone A
Australia: Jack Archibald, Alec White, Jacob Daniels, Daniel O’Leary, Jack Kiely, James Lester, Lachlan Gilmore, George Hill & Alexander Barnet
Spain: Pelayo Barazadi, Mario Gòmez, Antonio Ayesa, José Trénor, Jaime Serra & Ricardo Trujillo
Argentina: Tomás Panelo, Valentín Novillo Astrada, Ivan Maldonado, Ignacio Bello, Hector Guerrero, Lucio Fernandez Ocampo, Estanislao Grahn & Gernonimo Fanello
USA: Jesse Bray, Felipe Viana, Daniel Galindo, Kenneth Wright, Matías Gonzálex, Cari Scherer, Carlos Arellano II & Wesley Finalyson
Zone B
Chile: Pablo Villela, Francisco Martinez, Antonio Eguiguren, Jose Miguel Pereira, Ignacio Vial, Romano Vercellino, Andrés Vial, Jose Ignacio Martinez, Martín Arrau & Agustín Von Unger
New Zealand: Glenn Sherriff, Kim Brooks, Guy Higginson, Cody Forsyth, Nick Jeure, Henry Jones, Sam Martin, Jonny Jones, Adam Harvorth & Mark Duncan
England: Satnam Dhillon, Henry Porter, Peter Webb, Josh Cork, Ed Banner-Eve, Sam Gairdner, Jack Berner & Adolfo Casabal
India: Ravi Rathore, Dhruv Pal Godara, Angad Kalaan, Siddhant Sharma, Padmanabh Singh, Panav Kapur & Uday Kalaan
Photography: Action from the X FIP World Championships. Courtesy of FIP.

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