Golden Oldies show support for All Pro Polo League

The stars of the past took to the field on Friday, November 24, to play the polo of the future. The ‘Golden Age Tour’ saw three teams play a round robin tournament in Pilarchico Polo Club, Argentina . Former high goal players such as Ernesto Trotz, Francisco ‘Pancho’ Bensadon and Alejandro Agote took part in the competition.

All three matches were entertaining to watch, with players adapting well to the rules. Team Eagles (Ale Agote, Ernesto Trotz, Gonzalo Azumendi, Francisco
the winners after claiming two victories.

“A couple of friends came to me with the idea,” shares Javier Tanoira, Founder of All Pro Polo League. “I automatically thought about how nowadays polo players have a very short professional life. The modern polo system excludes players over forty, and these players still have a lot to show, teach and give. Polo players usually finish their careers very well organised, and they need to play their horses.”

Tanoira explained how the Golden Age Tour might transform into a Pro-Am competition in the near future: “For this age group, there exists the possibility of organising Pro-Am tournaments. The idea would be to put together tournaments where amateurs and professional players over the age of forty-five play together, with rules that are adapted to that situation. I think it has huge potential as a parallel competition to All Pro Polo League events, which cater to the best in the world.”

A special note of thanks to everyone who supported the Golden Age Tour Pilarchico Polo Club, Fields Outfitting, and Imperial.

The All Pro Polo League continues on Friday, December 1 , with the final of the first official Argentine Association of Polo (AAP) tournament. Please follow @allpropolo on social media for more information!


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