On Friday, at San Eugenio Polo Club’s great fields, the first edition of the San Eugenio Ladies Cup (12-Goal Ladies teams), came to an end.

After winning their previous matches, Escorihuela Gascon KIA (Daniela Barreto, Joaquina Pla, Mili Martinez Allende & Lia Salvo) and El Metejón (Alice Servaes, Cornelia Heufele, Fleur Van Andel & Marianela Castagnola) qualified for the main final.

It was a 5-chukker game where Escorihuela Gascon started with an advantage of 3.5 goals due to handicap. They managed to keep that difference in the score up to the fourth chukker.

It was then that El Metejon started pressing more fiercely and started to close the gap. After two assists by Marianela Castagnola and a couple of runs by Fleur Van Andel they reached the fifth and last chukker only 1.5 goals behind (7-8 1/2).

The last chukker opened up with a score by El Metejon and the difference was only half a goal. But up next Escorihuela widened the difference again to 1.5.

El Metejón was back in business with a new score with two minutes to go. But at the end Escorihuela Gascon managed to keep that 0.5 goal advantage and claimed the title in the first edition of the San Eugenio Ladies Cup.

Previously, the two Subsidiary finals were played on Field 2.

In the second one, Candelaria del Monte’s team made a great comeback in the last chukker, where they scored 3 goals in a row to tie the game in the first place, and then to get the win.
The matchday opened with the game between La Dolfina Brava and La Irenita. They finished the match tied in 4, so they needed to play an extra chukker. But after not scoring a single goal in the overtime, it was decided that the Subsidiary ended up in a tie.

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