A great weekend of polo took place at the Polo Park Zurich, where the Zurich Polo Championship was played with the participation of teams up to 6 goals, with a friendly environment, full of camaraderie, which was the most important aspect over all. Besides what happened inside the field, the club, who has remodeled its facilities one month ago, have thrown many socials events, parties and asados that everyone enjoyed. There were moments where you could recall what polo was in the past when everybody stayed after the matches to enjoy the day and have a drink or an asado.

One of the professional polo players that was present during the weekend at the club for the Zurich Polo Championship was Murus Sanctus’ Martín Podestá, who is taking part of the UK high goal season. He came back to the club where he started playing as a professional and returned year after year to continue with his development.

Between the activities that the club has to offer, there is one that is very special. There are three different days during the season where the club open its doors for all of them who want to take their first steps in polo. People go to the club, get related with the sport, take some lessons. And one of the most positive aspects is that most of them stay taking lessons or come back, and that means that the club has movement during the whole season. They have a very important role in the development of polo in Central Europe.

Back to the sport, during the weekend everyone could enjoy two very attractive polo matchdays where the weather was at its best. The scores on Saturday were as follows:
La Irenita 8-6 Equilibrium
Score La Irenita: 3-1, 5-2, 7-3, 8-6.

Los Lobos 4,5-4 Los Blancos
Score Los Lobos: 1,5-0, 2,5-1, 2,5-4. 4,5-4.

After Saturday’s scores, Sunday’s matchday was the following:
-11am, Third Place: Equilibrium 6-4 Los Blancos.
-12pm, Final: La Irenita 7-2,5 Los Lobos.

Polo Park Zurich facilities:
-Main Field
-Stick and ball field
-A second field to be opened soon.
-Club house with top class rooms for guests.
-170 Boxes

Lastly, the movement and the activity that the Polo Park Zurich and the near clubs have generated has turned the area into an ideal place for the practice of equestrian sports, or, as the locals called it, a mini Wellington”.

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Final: La Irenita v Los Lobos
Tercer Puesto: Equilibrium v Los Blancos
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Equilibrium vs La Irenita

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