With a total of 7 teams between 12 and 15 goals the Grisogono Polo Master is taking place at Villa a Sesta Polo Club, in the Tuscany, Italy. All teams play against each other. The tournament kicked off last Thursday and had the following scores so far:

Pullove 10-6 Legacy
Amanara 5-6 21st Luxury
Sorleone 9-8 Legacy
Amanara 7-4 Kings
21st Luxury 12-7 Dark Ice
Sorleone 8-9 Pullove
Kings 5.5-5 Dark Ice
21st Century 8-7 Legacy
Dark Ice 5-6 Amanara

The activity for the Grisogono Polo Master will continue on Monday afternoon with the following order of play:
6pm: Kings vs Pullove

Finals are scheduled for Sunday, June 25th, and tehre will be an exclusive coverage by Pololine.

The Teams:
Pullove: Andrea Moretti 0, jack Spencer Taylor 1, Nicolás Espaín 7, Flaco García Grossi 7. Total: 15.
Dark Ice: Helen Goddard-Watts 0, Juan Zubiaurre 5, Bautista Urbina 6, Látigo García Laborde 4. Total: 15.
Kings: Mohamed Elsewedy 1, Segundo Condesse 3, Marcelo Pascual 6, Silvestre Fanelli 4. Total: 14.
Sorleone: Patricio Rattaghan 3, José Rivas 6, Eduardo Menéndez 6, Riccardo Tattoni 0. Total: 15.
Amanara: Nicky Sen 0, Pierre Jauretche 2, Santiago Chavanne 7, Pablo Jauretche 6. Total: 15.
21st Luxury: Gualtiero Giori 1, Kian Hall 2, Franky Menéndez 6, Santiago Cernadas 6. Total: 15.
Legacy: Cedric Schweri 0, Tomás Astelara 3, Olavo Novaes 7, Joao Novaes 5. Total: 15.

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