The International Polo Cup resumed on Sunday at Saint Tropez Polo Club with 10 & 15 goal matches.

The games were as follows:

– 10am, Field 4: Dark Ice 6.5-7 VT Wealth Management
First win in the IPC for VT Wealth Management after Saturday’s defeat.

Umpire: Esteban Ferrari.
Score VT Wealth Management: (0-0.5) 2-1.5, 3-2.5, 5-4.5, 7-6.5.

– 5pm, Field 1: F Polo 12.5-8 Monte Carlo Polo Team
Monte Carlo was looking for its first victory, but locals F Polo claimed its second win after a very good performance with a solid team.

Umpires: Alex Roldán and Esteban Ferrari.
Score F Polo: (0.5-0) 3.5-1, 6.5-3, 8.5-5, 9.5-6, 12.5-8.

– 6:30pm, Field 1: Legacy 6-9 Antelope
Antelope came back after an excellent start in the IPC, and with a 4 goal difference over Legacy, claimed another win and are one of the favourites to play in Sunday’s final.

Umpires: Esteban Ferrari and Alex Roldán.
Score Antelope: 2-0, 5-1, 5-3, 8-5, 9-6.

The International Polo Cup will resume on Tuesday:

– 10am, 8-10 goals category: Lions vs St Tropez Polo Team
– 5pm, 12-15 goals category: Pull Love vs Monte Carlo Polo Team
– 6:30pm, 12-15 goals category: F Polo vs Antelope
Photo galleries:
IPC 10: Dark Ice vs VT Wealth Management
IPC 15: F Polo vs Monte Carlo Polo Team
IPC 15: Legacy vs Antelope

International Polo Cup (15): Fixture & Teams
International Polo Cup (10): Fixture & Teams

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