About his physical pains: “My hip is bothering me since a couple of years ago, but I always solved it really quick. This time it has been bothering me since I was in England. I´m suffering since September! But I decided to face this season this way as I have nothing confirmed for UK, so I´m planning to make me an arthroscopy in April. It´s realy tough to handle this, not only beacuse I´m not playing but in the daily life, where I spend most of the time in bed or sleeping”.

About the current treatements: “I´m doing a stem cell treatement, I did the last one a couple of weeks ago; it´s a treatement that gets into the joints. As Terre (Guillermo Terrera) was not playing the Silver Cup he replaced me in two games, so I tried to recover a little, but I didn´t. To play or not to play is exactly the same� so I jumped onto the horse! I feel like in October during Hurlingham, it hurts. I believe I will finish the season and make a stop in April to get well. I will not play anywhere during Winter so I can reach September with my 100%”.

About how he faces a match with his ailments: “I´m trying not to take any meds as I´ve taken so many things! In Argentina I played every game with an injectable OXA B12, now I´m suffering the secondary effects so I´m trying to hold out the pain without taking anything. Maybe for the Gold Cup I will take another anti-inflammatory”.

About “El Overo Estevia”: “It´s a mare from my breeding that arrived this year, daughter of Signo. Sapo Caset played her in Argentina in Tortugas and Hurlingham, in fact he earned a mention in this last one. It´s a good mare. She didn´t played the first Tournament, I´m taking her calmly until the Gold Cup. She is really a very good mare”.

About UAE performance in the Silver Cup: “It´s always good to win this Cup. But between my hip, Vizcacha´s shoulder, Jack´s wrist and Maitha who has three teeth less after a mare knocked her, we are complicated! This Silver Cup is also to get back the players and putting horses. The main goal of UAE Team is to retain the Gold Cup Title”.

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