Martin Podesta is one of the up and coming stars of polo. A talented young player, Podesta is currently playing the Queen’s Cup with Murus Sanctus. They are set to play the semifinal of the tournament against La Indiana tomorrow.

On playing the Queen’s Cup: “It’s amazing to be playing here and to have made it to the semis after beating a team like King Power.”

On playing with 10-goaler Hilario Ulloa: “He helps me help them, to come and go, to mark. He guides me. He is a huge star in polo, they both are [Hilario Ulloa and Facundo Sola].”

On his performance in the team: “They give me a lot of freedom, that’s the good thing. And when I do something wrong they tell me. They are great teammates.”

On beating the Pieres brothers: “I always watched them playing on TV, or playing in Argentina, so to be on the field with them, face to face, against their horses, was incredible. The same happened to me with Cambiaso when we played RH. I enjoyed it a lot and tried to give my best performance for the team.”

Special thanks: “To my family and the Mac Donough family, especially to Matias and Pablo.”

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