After a new win with Valiente La Dolfina and being awarded as MVP of the final, the “;Emperor of Trenque Lauquen” spoke with PoloLine.

On the importance of playing the Jockey before the Triple Crown: “It really helps to warm up, it help the horses to get in shape as well. It´s a good moment to know the new mares, the ones that never played this kind of polo and to set up the final list for Saturday, the first match of Tortugas, a very important match for us.”

On his three main mares: Oli Chicha, Vasca Harrods and Falta Nut: “The Oli Chicha is fine, she injured last year and this year we tried something different. We sent her to Kawell to recover, she has been more than one month walking on a band with water and afterwards inside a pool. She made a weight loss training, so I think she will be fantastic this year. The Harrods I have her at the stable, she is playing her first chukkers now, I will play her in Hurlingham and Palermo. Same with Falta Nut. The three of them are in the same level of training now, playing their first chukkers, looking forward to Hurlingham and Palermo.”

On his 2018 season alongside Pelon Stirling: “All year with Pelon is going to be hard! (laughs). I´m very happy with this, we will play in England with Jean Francois Decaux´s team, La Bamba de Areco, with many expectations. I think we have a great team and very competitive as well; it will depend on our organization with the horses. Now we have to focus in Argentina, but thinking a bit in what horses we will send abroad.”

On Richard Trampa, BPP of the Jockey Club final: “I bought the Trampa from Ricardo Dutroc (a breeder from Trenque Lauquen) 3 or 4 years ago. The mare won in La Rural when she was 3 years of age, so I brought her here, she played one year, she was doing not so well. Afterwards she had some injures and I couldn´t play her. We decided to gave her a break for one year, so she started again now and is doing really well, I hopre she keeps on improving.”

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