The 123 Open de Paris finished on Sunday after a great final where a 100% french team claimed the title: Kazak-Outsiders, composed by professionals Clement Delfosse and Patrick Paillol and patrons Sébastien Aguettant and Nicolas Desjouis. The final score was 7-6.

They faced the brave team of Costa Rica, defending champions, who won the penalty shootout in the morning against Sainte Mesme and La Concepcion. The competition showcased 3 very intense weekends, with lots of polo and with six teams that gave out their best effort. And all this, as usual, at one of the most exclusive venues in polo as Bagatelle. The final matchday also offered a great event and lunch for special guests at the restaurante of Polo de Paris, where the game could be watched very closely.

Costa Rica had a great start with a 2-0 advantage after a great goal by Felipe Gomez from far distance to close the first chukker. But Kazak-Outsiders grewth and tied the game in 3 after a good chukker by its professional players. Later, Antonio Gómez tied in 4 with a good score. Costa Rica got a new advantage but Kazak-Outsiders were too solid for them.

BPP: Viento Norte, played by Clément Delfosse.
MVP: Patrick Paillol.

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