La Aguada Las Monjitas, which features four Novillo Astrada brothers, was officialy presented at La Aguada, their family club in Open Door.

La Aguada will play the Argentine Triple Crown with 32 goals: Alejandro (8), Eduardo h (8), Miguel (8) and Ignacio (8).

La Aguada Las Monjitas made their debut in Tortugas Open on Tuesday, claiming a 17-8 victory over La Irenita. Alfredo Bigatti (7) replaced an injured Eduardo.

The Novillo Astrada’s welcomed a large number of guests, including medias and sponsors: Kia Motors renewed their commitment to the players for second consecutive year, as did wine cellar, Escorihuela Gascon. Camilo Bautista’s organization, Las Monjitas, was presented as the team’s main sponsor once again.

After the official presentation, a fantastic “asado” was enjoyed by all, while journalists, guests and players showed their skills in an entertaining Bike Polo challenge.

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