Saturday, September 23, will mark the start of the 2017 Spring Season at La Aguada Polo Club, presented by Rio Uruguay. The Copa Novillitos, exclusively for kids, will open the season that runs until December. The high goal team composed of the four Novillo Astrada brothers will play in several tournaments, adding an extra dose of fun to the club in Open Door.

There will also be some new incorporations, besides traditional tournaments such as the Julio Novillo Astrada Cup, the club’s main event, that raises its handicap from 20 to 22.

One of the highlights will be the second edition of the Argentine Amateur Championship, for amateur players of two levels: 0/4 and 4/8 goals. Amateurs will also have the chance to play the 10-goal La Aguada Challenge. This tournament has the particularity of allowing only one professional player per team.

As in recent years, La Aguada continues their partnership with two of the most important clubs in UK: Guards and Cowdray Park, with which the Argentine club organizes two 16-goals events: La Aguada Cowdray Park Polo Trophy and La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy.

Last but not least, female players will also be a part of La Aguada’s season, with the La Aguada Ladies Cup.

Fixture La Aguada Polo Club 2017:
-Copa Novillitos: September 23
-Campeonato Argentino Amateur (0-4 & 4-8 goals): October 14-22
-Copa Julio Novillo Astrada (22 goals): October 16-27
-Desafío La Aguada (10 goals): November 4-12
-La Aguada Cowdray Park Polo Trophy (16 goals): November 15-24
-Copa Primavera (14 goals): November 26 – December 1
-La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy (16 goals): November 26 – December 1
-La Aguada Ladies Cup: December 4-9

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