La Aguada Las Monjitas are currently competing in their fifteenth consecutive Triple Crown championship. The team has reached many milestones over their long career, and one must take into account the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes at their family club over the past few decades.

The La Aguada breeding program started many years ago, with Julio and Taio Novillo Astrada, who received a few mares from their father. Of all the family horses that stood out, there was one that really changed the game for the Novillo Astradas: River Matell, father of Neblina, Felicidad, and other renown mares.

With River Matell, the family set up an Embryo Transfer center in partnership with the Lagos Mármol family. What resulted has led La Aguada to become the team it is today, with many prestigious titles and trophies to their name.

While La Aguada began in Córdoba, it was really in Open Door (La Quinta Ñalui) where the Novillo Astradas began to get involved with polo in Buenos Aires. It would be impossible to name everyone who left their mark on the organisation, but it must be stated that many built the La Aguada we see today.

Neblina, an iconic mare played by the late Javier, was not only successful on the field, she also gave birth to seven horses that went on to play the Triple Crown.

To name a few:
– Giusti (spc USA), winner of the Lady Susan Townley Cup in the Final of the 2003 Argentine Open, year that saw La Aguada claim the Triple Crown.
– River Slaney (stallion spc USA), winner of the stallion statistic of the AACCP 2013, being the stallion with most offspring playing the Triple Crown from 2007-2013 and most nominations (over fifty times).
– A. Anónima (R. Slaney and Giusti), mare with record number of nominations in the 2013 Triple Crown and Best Polo Argentino in the 2013 season.

La Aguada emphasises that to maintain a competitive level, they must continue working to be as well mounted as possible and maintain an efficient breeding program determined by genetics lines that will produce great and healthy horses.

Each one of the Novillos Astrada brothers has their own organisation of trainers, grooms, and helpers, so that collectively they can continue to build La Aguada as a whole.

The La Aguada organisation involves many facets:
-Embryos produced with the same organisation at La Aguada/El Dok, in Open Door.
-Tournaments of different levels that help promote the sport.
-Polo Clinic.
-Lodging in Casa de Campo open for polo players and tourists from around the world.

It is worth stating that in spite of the competitive nature of the sport, the Novillo Astradas have always been at the height of the circumstance. It is impressive to see that their horses are those that have played the high goal for the most number of consecutive seasons.

The XII La Aguada Auction will take place in Open Door on Monday, November 6, from midday onwards. This auction has been held consecutively since 2006.

La Aguada Tournament Fixture:

– Campeonato Argentino Amateur: October 14-22.
– Copa Julio Novillo Astrada (22 goals): October 16-27.
– Desafío La Aguada (10 goals): November 4-12.
– La Aguada Cowdray Park Polo Trophy (16 goals): November 15-24.
– Copa Primavera (14 goals): November 26 – December 1.
– La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy (16 goals): November 26 – December 1.
– La Aguada Ladies Cup: December 4-9.

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