The Tournoi de Printemps, the opening tournament of the 10-goal Triple Crown, is underway in Paris. After the games of the second matchday, the order of play for the whole fixture has been set. During this opening weekend of play, the Coupe du Capitaine des Jeux took place.

Kazak-Outsiders and La Concepcion opened the matchday where Kazak-Outsiders had a strong beginning and received half a goal on handicap. But after some minutes the game became very even, until La Concepcion found its best level and made a great comeback to win it in the last minutes and claimed the first position at the Coupe du Capitaine des Jeux. Final score: 5-4.5. In the second fixture of the day Red Falcon faced Sainte Mesme, with a 7-5 win to the latter.

The final positions of the Coupe du Capitaine des Jeux has been set as follows:
1) La Concepcion
2) Kazak-Outsiders
3) Sainte Mesme
4) Red Falcon

The order of play for Saturday, May 6th, will be the following:
2pm: La Concepcion vs Red Falcon
3:15pm: Kazak-Outsiders vs Sainte Mesme
The final is scheduled for Sunday, May 14th.

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