On Sunday 29/10 was held at the Alfredo Lalor Headquarters that the AAP has in Pilar, the Women’s Polo tournament for the Myriam Heguy Cup organized by the Argentine Polo Association and in which four teams of 14 and 16 goals of valorization participated FEM.

In first turn, Centauros La Aventura won 9 to 3 at Las Liebres Rei do Caviar ; while La Vanguardia Kía defeated Centauros La Maroma by 9 to 8.

Next, Las Liebres Rei do Caviar stayed with the subsidiary cup after beating Centauros La Maroma by 5 to 2 ½ ; while the main trophy was in the hands of La Vanguardia Kía , after overcoming Centauros La Aventura by 5 to 3 ½.

Participating teams:

La Vanguardia Kía (15): Luba Adarska 0, Milagros Sánchez 4, Milagros Martínez Allende 2 and Lía Salvo 9.

Centauros La Aventura (14): Clara Heguy 0, Fernanda Rivas 2, Milagros Fernández Araujo 6 and Candelaria Fernández Araujo 6.

The Hares Rei do Caviar (16): Ann Rodger 2, Clelia Crespo 3, Ginebra D’Orazio 3 and Hazel Jackson 8.

La Maroma Centaurs (15): Sofia Rivas 1, Delfina Balzano 4, Fatima Balzano 4 and Clara Cassino 6.

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