Ladies European Championship : France made it to the final!

They did it. With a great victory over England, ladies France polo team has made it to the final of the first European Ladies’ Championship. The Blues will face the Italians whom they had overcame in the first game of the tournament. But in this sport, nothing is ever acquired especially as the Squadra Azura demonstrated their skills and surprisingly eliminated Germany.


Several scenarios were possible to reach this final. The simplest thing was to beat England. It is the one chosen by France after, as usual now, a difficult start: 1-1 at the end of the first period. Then they set up their team game by first neutralising the two strongest English pillars who couldn’t over take them as the French defense was strong. They were able to launch several counter-attacks with beautiful backs which allowed Caroline Anier to escape and initiate amazing attacks. But the best scorer of the day was Charlotte Garaud, always well placed to finish the actions of her teammates and also transform the penalties conceded by the English women in front of the goals. 5-2, a score undiscutable.


Their opponent remained unknown as the other game was played at the same time on a neighbouring field. Against all odds, Italy defeated Germany by the smallest possible gap: with a just half a goal difference because of their weaker handicap, they managed to keep a half-point lead ending the game: 3 ½ to 3!


The three teams, Germany, England and Italy, all conceded two defeats and one victory, they were therefore invited in a shoot-out session to nominate the second finalists. A game of nerves where the latest remained the most solid. The first European final of history will thus oppose, France to Italy, on Sunday (at 11:30am). In the second game of this European Championship, last Tuesday, France had dominated Italy, 8 to 4. We ask only one thing: that history repeats itself!


Sunday will also be a big day for the men’s team who will have their last chance for a ticket to Sydney where the World Championship will be played in October in a game against England. At the same time Spain will face Germany. In the event England defeating France, they would have one last chance if the Mannschaft could overcome the Roja. In this case, it would be the penalty shoot-outs that would separate France, Germany and Spain. In short, everything is still possible and it is mandatory to go to the Polo Club of Chantilly, on Sunday to support the two French teams. Between games, spectators will be able to admire the equestrian prowess of the famous stuntman Mario Lurashi and his troop. A day in this beautiful garden of greenery that is the Polo Club of the Farm of Apremont. Access is free and both the French teams will need supporters!



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