At the Alfredo Lalor Headquarters of the Argentine Polo Association in Pilar, the XIII contest for the Pilar Municipality Cup ended on Monday, November 6, with the triumph of Las Monjitas over La Dolfina Palm Beach Equine Clinic for 15 to 8.

I start La Dolfina better and with two goals from his striker Del Tour and another against Maiquez he went 3-1 at the close of the first chukker. In the second, Juan Britos and Santiago Cernadas in Las Monjitas stood out and they managed to tie the match in 4 goals, from there to the end of the fourth chukker they were goal scored until the tie at 8.

In the fifth, Las Monjitas achieved a difference of two at the beginning and when La Dolfina seemed to discount the game hinge came. Del Tour turns Cernadas in attack marking a foul and the judges turn the ruling with 30 yards on the other end of the court for Las Monjitas and yellow card for the striker of Cañuelas.

Juan Britos from the 30 yards establishes the 11-8 and when they return to the middle, both technicians place Las Monjitas with a penalty of 60 yards in their favor, Britos changes it again for goal and the fifth chukker closed 12-8 those of Open Door.

In the sixth was everything for Las Monjitas that closed the match with a forceful and unexpected 15-8.


Las Monjitas (25): Gastón Máiquez 6 (3 goals) (Turned a goal against in the first chukker), Santiago Cernadas 6 (4 goals) (Received a yellow card), Juan Britos (h) 7 (8, four criminal) and Matías Fernández Llanos 6.

The Dolfina Palm Beach Equine Clinic (26): Gonzalo Deltour 7 (3, one penalty) (Received a yellow card), Pablo Llorente (h) 6 (1), Joao P. Ganon 7 (2 penalties) (Received a card yellow) and Raúl Colombres (h) 6 (1).

Progression Las Monjitas: 1-3, 4-4, 6-6, 8-8, 12-8 and 15-8.

Judges: Guillermo Villanueva (h) and Martín Pascual. Referee: Juan José Boote.

The Best Argentine Polo was the horse Point Surprised (The Buccaner x Surprise), Cria de Jaime Bouquet, Property of Camilo Bautista and played by Santiago Cernadas; and the Burbuja mare, played by Gastón Máiquez, was chosen by the AACCP as the best of the final.

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