The team from the Venezuelan patron Victor Vargas did it once again, winning its sixth consecutive title on the Dominican Republic, since the Polo Challenge started in 2016.

The final stage of the Copa de Plata began on Thursday, with two simultaneous games: Sebucan HPA vs. La Potranca took on each other at Los Establos. After a great campaign on the Copa de Bronce, the team of the Mannix brothers unfortunately didn’t do so well on this tournament, but finally managed to obtain a triumph against La Potranca 12-11.

Meanwhile, at Casa de Campo, Cinque Terre and Casa de Campo battled in order to get the necessary points to play the finals against Lechuza Caracas. Casa de Campo, team that experienced a great improvement after the Copa de Bronce, won the match, even though Cinque Terre was able to dominate the game during the first three chukkas. Finally they tied the game from chukka 4 to 6, and the locals won on overtime, 10-9.

On Saturday, the big day kicked off at 2pm with the subsidiary finals between Sebucan HPA and Cinque Terre. The first half of the match was favorable for the Canadian team, but during the 4th chukka, Cinque Terre turned the game around, and dominated every period. The final score was 13-11 in favor of the Italians.

Finally at 4pm, the grand final commenced. Lechuza, thanks to their two stars David Stirling Jr. and Juan Martín Nero, was able to take the lead from the very first second. By half time, the difference was already quite wide, 6-2 in favor of the Venezuelans. Finally the game ended in 10-5 and Victor Vargas’ team was crowned champion. Juan Martin Nero was the MVP of the match, and his mare Tana the BPP. The day closed, as usual, with a fun After Polo party for all the guests.

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