Latest results at Grand Champions Polo Club:

Sunday 26:
Casablanca beat Audi 8-7 in OT. Goal by Grant Ganzi.
Casablanca: Harrison Azzaro, Grant Ganzi, Gonzalo Pieres, Rodrigo Andrade.
AUDI: Marc Ganzi, Juancito Bollini, Nic Roldan, Iñaki Laprida.
Monday 27:
Valiente beat Travieso 10-9.
Dutta Corp. beat Flexjet 12-8.
Thursday 2:
10am: Flexjet vs Audi
12:30pm: Palm Beach Equine vs Travieso
3pm: Dutta Corp vs Casablanca
Sunday 5:
10am: Flexjet vs Casablanca
10am: Valiente vs Palm Beach Equine
12pm: Dutta Corp vs Audi

GSA, the youngest team at Grand Champions Polo Club, won the Sieber Memorial 12-goal Final after defeating Patagones 11-4.
GSA: Henry Porter 1, Santino Magrini 2, Juan Martin Zubia 6, Torito Ruiz 3.
Patagones: Joaquin Avendaño, Tavi Usandizaga, Benjamin Avendaño, Santi Wulff, Santi Avendaño.
MVP: Henry Porter
BPP: Chamaco, owned by Juan Martín Zubía.

Margaret Sieber Memorial Handicap Final: Cria Yatay held on for a thrilling 12-10 victory over Audi.
Cria Yatay: Bill Ballhaus, Hilario Figueras, Iñaki Laprida, Marcos García Del Río.
Audi: Teo Calle, Pablo Pulido, Tomás Pieres, Stewart Armstrong.
MVP: Iñaki Laprida.

Grand Champions hosted the draw at the National, followed by a sitdown dinner in the Wine Room. Single elimination tournament with the final on Saturday, March 11; winner takes all.

Top Draw:
First pairing
GSA: Henry Porter 1, Santino Magrini 2, Juan Martín Zubía 6, Victorino Ruiz 3. Total: 12.
5-Star Builders/Tackeria: Kristos Magrini 0, Matt Coppola 4, Juan Monteverde 5, Tommy Alberdi 3. Total: 12.
County Line Feed and Supply/Team USPA: Nick Johnson 2, Kylie Sheehan 0, Wesley Finlayson 3, Santi Torres 7. Total: 12.
Bttom Draw:
Second pairing
Polo logistics: Joseph Manheim -1, Nick Manifold 4, Joaquin Panelo 5, Marcos Garcia Del Rio 4. Total: 12.
Casablanca: Matias Gonzalez 2, Grant Ganzi 2, Juancito Bollini 3, Jesse Bray 5. Total: 12.
Third pairing
Westhaven: Max Torokvei 0, Agustín Arellano 2, Felipe Viana 5, Pedro Falabella 5. Total: 12.
Port Mayaca: Robert Orthwein 4, Stevie Orthwein 4, Wesley Uys 4, Juanse Olivera 0. Total: 12.

Equuleus won its first tournament of the winter season on Saturday in the 6-goal Halo Cup final at Equuleus; they defeated Horseware/Aliano Realty 12-6.
Equuleus: Juanse Olivera, Hugo Tagliaferro, Martin Pepa and Joe DiMenna.
Horseware/Aliano Realty: Tom Macguinness, Nick Aliano, Hugo Lloret, Segundo Merlos.
MVP: Hugo Tagliaferro.
BPP: Barbie, ridden by Hugo Lloret, owned by Tom Macguinness

Handicap Final: Hawk Hill def Pony Express, 7-5.
Hawk Hill: Poroto Cambiaso, Nico Diaz Alberdi, Gringo Colombres, Phillip Mactaggart
Pony Express: Landen Daniels, Benji Daniels, Justin Daniels, JJ Celis.

Santa Rita 6-Goal Final: Grand Champions beat The Polo School 8-5.
MVP: Will Jacobs.
Grand Champions: Will Jacobs, Grant Ganzi, Jesse Bray, Santos Bollini.
The Polo School: Lucas Lalor, Jeff Desich, Rick Desich, Juancito Bollini.

Aspen Valley Cup 8-Goal Final and Handicap, TBA.
Women’s League: February Subsidiary and Final, March 1, 10 and 11am; League Play Is Every Wednesday, 10 and 11am, at Santa Rita Polo Farm.

March 2:
10am: Flexjet vs. Audi
12:30pm: Palm Beach Equine vs. Travieso
3pm: Dutta Corp vs. Casablanca
March 5:
10am: Flexjet vs. Casablanca
10am: Valiente vs. Palm Beach Equine
12pm: Dutta Corp vs. Audi
March 8:
12pm & 3pm: Mini-Quarter
March 11:
12pm & 3pm: Semifinals
March 15:
3pm: Finals
March 16:
3pm: Santa Rita Final

MARCH 1-11: $50,000 National 12-Goal Tournament

MARCH: 1-26:
Madelon Bourdieu Memorial (6 goal)
The Limited Edition 8-Goal Series
The Top Pony 12-Goal Series; Women’s League, every Wednesday, 10 and 11 a.m.

MARCH 12: Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County, Inc. Celebrity Polo Charity Cup, 10 a.m.

MARCH 15-APRIL 1: National 20-Goal; Santa Rita Abierto (Subs. Handicap).

APRIL 1-15: $100,000 World Cup Tournament (0-26 Goals).

APRIL 1-25: Las Acacias (4-8 Goals), Women’s League, every Wednesday, 10 and 11 a.m.

APRIL 5-8: WCT Finals and Women’s Polo Week.

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