Polo is played in areas often affected by natural disaster and civil conflict. This fact is not lost on polo players and organizers, which is why in August 2017, Agnes, Dan, and Minnie Keating and the Newport Polo Club in Newport, Rhode Island, generously opened their field and venue to help ShelterBox Polo hold their first charity chukkers. All proceeds from the ticket sales supported ShelterBox USA’s mission to ensure no family is without shelter after disaster.

When the teams are determined to play their best for a worthy cause, charity polo matches can be every bit as exciting as a high-goal campaign. This is most certainly the case when ShelterBox Polo takes the field and arena, playing matches with the goal of helping those that have lost their homes to natural disasters. ShelterBox USA offers sanctuary and security for people in need. Since 2000, ShelterBox has helped more than one million people by providing emergency shelter after more than 300 disasters in 95 countries.

Shelterbox polo

ShelterBox is currently responding in the Caribbean following Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Bangladesh following flooding in the north and the Rohingya refugee crisis in the south. The organization is also providing aid to people displaced by conflict situations in Syria, Iraq, Somaliland, Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

Since the first match in August, offers have been made by club and team owners and fans to host matches and events for ShelterBox. The polo community is a very giving and as such, ShelterBox Polo will continue to play and support the mission of the charitable organization.

Through its 25-year history, Newport Polo has raised more than $1,340,000 for civic and charitable organizations. Initiatives include the International Polo Charity Ball, special benefit matches and countless ticket donations for the Newport International Polo Series.

To volunteer, fundraise, or make a donation to ShelterBox USA, visit or call (941) 907-6036. Legacy giving and corporate giving options are available as well. ShelterBox USA is a 4-Star rated charity by Charity Navigator and has Gold status from GuideStar. To learn more about Newport Polo Club, please visit

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