The Tournoi de Printemps, tournament that resumes the 10-goal polo circuit in París, hosted its opening matchday with the first games of the “Coupe du Capitaine des Jeux”. A total of 4 teams are taking place, and Saturday was the time for the first two matches. In the first one, Red Falcon was leading 5/2 at the end of the third chukker, but La Concepcion made a great comeback, taking the win after a good performance by Topo Braun, who scored the winning goal in the last minutes.

Up next, also played at Bagatelle, Kazak-Outsiders faced Sainte Mesme. One of the top goals of the afternoon for Kazak-Outsiders came from Nicolas Desjouis’ mallet. It was a tough contest for both teams, but in the last chukkers Patrick Prima�l Paillol and Clément Delfosse showcased their best level and gave the win to Kazak-Outsiders, 6,5 a 5.

The Tournoi de Printemps will resume on Sunday with the following order of play:
2pm: La Concepcion Polo vs Kazak Outsiders (Final of the Coupe du Capitaine des Jeux)
3:15pm: Red Falcon vs Sainte Mesme

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