After the falling rains that postponed Saturday’s matchday, Sunday saw the Tournoi de Printemps being resumed at Bagatelle, París. Kazak-Outsiders and Red Falcon opened fire at noon. The latter had a solid start, developing a great game and a great level during the first 3 chukkers, which led them to a strong advantage that kept them in front until the very end. Thus, Laurent Dassault and company scored an important 6-3.5 win against Kazak-Outsiders.

Up next, time for La Concepcion vs Sainte Mesme. Hans Spek’s team got an early 2-0 advantage thanks to a couple of quick scores, but Sainte Mesme showed its best polo of this beginning of season and made a great comeback to turn the game to a 5-2 for them. La Concepcion had a great conviction during the following chukkers. Two penalties by Topo Braun and another goal by Ga�tan Charloux took the match to a 5-5 tie with only 1 minute to go. But after a foul, Sainte Mesme had a 30 yard penalty chance, which was taken by Edouard Pan to give Sainte Mesme the win.

The order of play for the upcoming matchday of the Tournoi de Printemps is yet to be confirmed since the new date for the postponed Saturday matchday hasn’t been confirmed. Matches for last saturday matchday were as follows:
Kazak-Outsiders vs Sainte Mesme
La Concepcion vs Red Falcon

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