The 7th Annual Film Festival hosts a special event for the polo community featuring players from USA, Canada, Italy, Portugal,England and Mexico. The tournament featured four sponsors for each team – Makken, a event specialist, with team members, Giorgio Brignone, owner of the Careyes Polo Club, Milo Ardissone, Jesus Solorzano, and George Sandhu – Aeromexico, Will and Chris Falk, David Buller and Alerico Ardissone, Hackett, an upscale line of clothing from England, Gary and Sarah Magness, Nico Millan and Benito Hernandez and GNP, an insurance company,Manuel Matos, Diego Gonzalez, Luis Perez and Hans Giebeler.

The first day of play featured a beautiful fieldside party for all the guests for the film festival including Lee Daniels, producer of the Empire show on Television, and John Cooper, director of the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. The play was fast and furious with Aeromexico and GNP winning the first go around. The guests were very appreciative of the play and many had pictures taken with a team or player. Each game started with a sponsor throw-in. Hackett Clothing Company provided team jerseys for all teams.

The consolation round of Makken and Hackett played each other on Sunday with Hackett being the winner – Husband and wife team of Gary (his first tournament) and Sarah Magness with Nico Millan and Benito Hernandez winning the game with a score of 7-4. The finals – always an event and pressure for both teams – pitted The Falk brothers and cousin ,Buller with Ardissone – Aeromexico – against usual teammates Matos, Perez and Gonzalez with Giebeler playing the back for the GNP team. Play was tied through the first 3 chukkers and then the team of Aeromeixco rallied with 3 quick goals to end the game with a score of 8 to 5. The day ended with the usual toasting with tequila and trophies for all.

The next tournament for Careyes Polo is the 18th Annual Agua Alta starting on April 8 through April 15. Polo season for the Costa CareyesPolo club is November 15 through April. See www.careyes.com or check with polo manager, susanstovall@careyes.com.mx or founder and owner – giorgiobrignone@yahoo.com.mx.

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