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Kihikihi President Paul Kay receives The Queen’s Service Medal

In the Queen’s New Year Honours list Dr Paul Kay received The Queen’s Service Medal for services to polo.

Dr Paul Kay has significantly raised the profile of polo in his community and New Zealand, and enhanced New Zealand’s standing in the international polo community.

Dr Kay is a renowned breeder and trainer of polo ponies, President of Kihikihi Polo Club, and past President and Life Member of the New Zealand Polo Association. In 2003, he was a driving force behind transforming the 16 hectare Kihikihi domain into a community sport and recreational facility. He developed and funded a world-class polo pitch adjacent to the domain, which is made available to the community at no cost. He now organises annual International Test Matches on this ground and allows visiting teams to use his own ponies for the event. He also developed a polo pitch on public land in Cambridge, which doubles as a large open recreational ground for public use. Mr Kay continues to provide his own machinery to maintain the five grounds in Waikato.

Kihikihi Polo Club is currently hosting the largest tournament in New Zealand, The Saville Cup, to view the draw and team lists click here.

The England team has also been announced for the New Zealand Test Match that will be played on Saturday 11 February 2017 at KihiKihi Polo Club.


England (24): James Harper (Capt) (6), Jack Richardson (6), Ollie Cudmore (5) & Max Charlton (7)

England reserves: Nina Clarkin (4) & Ed Hitchman (4)


Photograph: President of Kihikihi Polo Club Dr Paul Kay has received The Queen’s Service Medal

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