On May 18th the Rome Polo Club summer season started with 4 tournaments offering an impressive quality of polo:

1. Lorenzo Magni Cup Polo Tournament hcp 3-6 – Winning Team: Los Avellanos
2. Argentinian Embassy Cup Polo Tournament hcp 3-6 – Winning Team: La Ginevra
3. Campidoglio Cup Polo Tournament hcp 3-6 – Winning Team: Mox-Poncha PT
4. President Cup Polo Tournament hcp 8-10 – Winning Team: La Nuova Pocha

Six teams, made up of players from Argentina, Switzerland and Germany were involved in the various tournaments fighting for the victory while guests enjoyed the beautiful and breathtaking atmosphere of the Rome Polo Club.

At the end of June, there will be the 57th edition of the Coppa Duca D’Aosta Polo Tournament, the oldest and most important Italian Polo Tournament. In September (6th-17th) the Italian Polo Championship and the FIP Ambassador Cup take place in Rome.

The teams:
San Lorenzo: G.F. Magini, S. Giansanti, E. Fontana, G. Azumendi
Los Avellanos: A. Matella, O. Carona, E. Brull, B. Beguerie
La Ginevra: L. D’Orazio, M. Carranza, T. Cusmano,
Mox Experience: P. Natale, F. Rivera, S. Schinoni, S. Ottaviani
S. Moritz: P.Dillier, J. Gonzales, L. Labat, P. Brown
Acquedotto Romano: M. Elser, P. Elser, M. Elser, P.F.