SA Polo Club holds annual Fiesta Kings Cup

SAN ANTONIO – Fiesta continued in full force Sunday as the San Antonio Polo Club held its annual Fiesta Kings Cup.

Polo teams representing Fiesta royalty — including El Rey Feo Fred Reyes and King Antonio Michael Casillas of the Texas Cavaliers — competed for the cup.

FIESTA 2017: Schedule of Events
This is the third year the Polo Club has held the Fiesta Kings Cup, but it’s the first year it’s been designated an official Fiesta event.

“Years ago — and a lot of people don’t know this — the San Antonio Polo Club Fiesta Polo was the opening event for fiesta, so we’re really proud to bring that back to San Antonio,” Susanna Baird, the Polo Club treasurer, said.

Proceeds from the event benefits a nonprofit of the Polo Club’s choice.


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