Charity Cup for JustWorld International at the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly: an amazing top-level final, an enthusiastic crowd, beautiful weather, a generous initiative supported by a famous French actor, Marina Hands, and the presentation of a new way of playing polo by renowned Argentine professionals.

The finale of the Charity Cup For JustWorld was th expected encounter between France team of Sainte Mesme and Switzerland’s Marquard Media. A dual in which the balance of level between the four players of Sainte-Mesme, led by the strong voice of Argentina Clemente Zavaleta (h7), prevailed. The black & blues led the encounter from the start, leaving no hope to Marquard Media, despite the tremendous efforts of one Martin Aguerre Jr. A clear finale score: 12 – 7 and the consecration of one beautiful mare, named Cindy, from the Zavaleta’s Irenita breeding whose name could also be heard during the Abierto next winter.

This tournament of the Charity Cup was dedicated to the association JustWorld International whose devoted to breaking the cycle of poverty by funding local partners around the world helping children thrive. A cherished cause by Cesar actor Marina Hands who handed the prices and gifts to the players: “I was thrilled to watch this finale and to discover the fantastic atmosphere of the Polo of Chantilly. I was moved by the generosity of the spectators and impressed by how fast the players go. I had the chance to try polo once with Evrard de Spa (Deauville Polo Club) so I know how polo is a complex equestrian sport, and it’s fabulous to be able to live it live, so closed to the game at this level”, reported the actor. During the day, a great amount of donations was collected, the equivalent of 1 000 meals, mostly thanks to Sainte-Mesme who promised a donation of a 100€ per goal scored. JustWorld counts a lot of riders amongst its ranks, like Kevin Staut, and his now one ambassador richer, in the person of Pierre Henri Ngoumou.

The prize-giving ceremony was followed by a demonstration with eight French and Argentine professional players. Each team totalized 22 goals with one to highlight, Pancho Bensado, who will be next seen in Deauville in August. The idea was to present a new polo, smoother, faster, with less time-out. A concept imagined by Argentina Javier Tanoira, who made the trip from his native country with his staff to present for the first time in France these rules by the All Pro Polo League, which will be tested in Argentina also, and which makes the game more understandable for the public. The future of the polo? Well anyway, it was inaugurated at the Polo Club of Chantilly, on the edge of progress.