Santa María Polo Club changes the International Tournament’s High Goal

Santa María Polo Club (SMPC) has decided to change the High HCP from 22 to 20 goals, for this 2017 International Tournament. The Club has taken this decision, after consulting with several polo teams, in order to improve the Competition.

The world of Polo is involved in a process of change, especially concerning the High Goal, which will probably affect the organisation of the Tournaments that include this level worldwide. The circumstances that provoke such process are the continuous growth of Clubs and Tournaments, which hasn’t being accompanied by a parallel increasing possibility of raising the number of High Goal Teams who can play at any given time.

For the Santa María Polo Club it is compulsory to analyse the current situation of Polo and consequently adapt its Tournaments according to it. On this basis, and given the problems the Club has had in finding High Goal Teams willing to play 22 goals, and after contacting with those who already accompanied us last year and with the ones who will join this Season, the Club has decided to change the current handicap to 20 goals.

This decision is fundamentally based on the target of making this 46th Edition of the International Tournament as competitive and attractive as it can be for their participants.

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